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My Story

I am a relationship coach specializing in Non-Traditional Relationships. WHY did I choose to do relationship coaching for Non-Traditional Relationships? Well let me tell you my story...

The BIG question: “What do you do when one of you in a relationship wants to have sex with another person?”

I have PERSONALLY experienced my spouse coming to me and expressing his desire to have sex with someone else. I had so many emotions come up within me. It literally sent me crying in the closet.

Through my experience I learned how messy relationships can be when someone is expressing their sexual desires. Now I have the pleasure to help others to navigate their relationships. I learned that having someone there to help you to see what you can't see allows for communication to increase, emotional intelligence to increace and to create peace in their lives.

I have and continue to walk the path of non-traditional relationships and feel that whatever path you choose is a sacred path because it is the one you consciously choose to follow.

It is my belief that what works for a relationship is up to the people involved, not what other people think it should be.

I learned to navigate family, religion and cultural beliefs which allowed me to become authentically who I wanted to be in relationship. I value all of my relationships as they show me more of who I am and that allows me to create a life I enjoy.

So many people will go out and cheat on their partner when there is a better way to handle the situation. When my husband came to me and talked to me about his sexual desires, it was vulnerable and it created a level of trust between us. Infidelity tears down trust and becomes difficult to navigate. This way we were able to work through it together to make the choice to open our relationship.

I have a passion to empower YOU to make educated choices about your relationships.

Creating open and honest communication is key in these situations. Big feelings come up and many people don’t know how to process them.

I have no agenda and will create a space where there will be no shame or guilt.

My desire is that my clients will be able to evolve their relationships into what they desire and achieve their most joyous relationship.

For some this may be creating more intimacy in the marriage, opening the marriage and for some it may be a divorce. Whichever decision is made I can guide you through it without judgment or an agenda.

I am trained in the Chopra method of coaching and I use my C.A.R.E method to facilitate my coaching style.

I would be honored to work with you as you discover what your most "JOYOUS RELATIONSHIP" looks like.

Much Love,

Gayle Lynn

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